Les gagnants de 2020

Nos gagnants 2021

Top 3 des soumissions de vidéos et d'affiches par de jeunes adultes canadiens pour sensibiliser à la consommation de cannabis.

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Video Winners

Jason Villahermosa (1st Place)

Hailing from Niagara Falls, Jason has always been passionate about videography and content creation. It is a passion that led him to work as a videographer while studying at Brock University. Upon graduating he continued to pursue this interest and used it to find great success in the field of marketing. His love of visual mediums has only expanded in recent years, as he has become an avid photographer and content creator as well.

Catia Marceau (2nd Place)

A proud graduate of Queen’s University, Catia has always had a keen eye for design. While her primary medium of graphic design may have begun as a hobby, while in university she found opportunities to use her talents to design ads for an agency. As one whose always been up for a challenge, Catia has recently become interested in film and looks forward to continuing to pursue both visual mediums.

Astha Burande (3rd Place)

A STEM student that calls Alberta home, Astha has had a strong interest in science for as long as she can remember. Through her studies, she has often relied on artistic endeavors to give the left-side of her brain a bit of a break. She enjoys narration and while she has found success as an audiobook narrator, she has recently taken an interest in creating informative videos. Astha views her foray into videos as a perfect melding of her love of science and art.

Poster Winners

Holly Webb (1st Place)

A marketing graduate from Ontario, Holly loves all things related to design and digital media. Specifically, she’s always had an interest in graphic design and the power a single image has to convey a impactful message. As her career in marketing continues to progress her interest in graphic design as grown as well. She hopes that through her designs she is able to create graphics that speak to teens and young adults.

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Nadim Merrikh (2nd Place)

A Guelph native, Nadim has always seen the world in twenty-four frames per second. From the moment he picked up a camera Nadim knew that it was a passion he was going to pursue in life. It is a passion that led him to attend film school and upon graduating begin his career in film. While his heart will always be with film, recently he has sought to learn more about graphic design and looks forward to using that medium to challenge himself.

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Camille Nguyen (3rd Place)

Calling Quebec home from a young age Camille has always been a talented designer. Whether the medium be photography, animation or graphic design she’s always been drawn to creating innovative designs that will catch a person’s attention. It is a passion that led her to completing her post-secondary school education in graphic design, and work as a social media manager for some of Quebec’s largest lifestyle & food brands.

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